Driver CPC Qulaification Course

Driver CPC Training Course

Due to Covid-19 all face to face training has been cancelled.

We will update this page when this restarts. On-line training is available through various sites for those who need it. Apology for any inconvenience.


In 2008 legislation came into force, whereby all drivers of vehicles over 3.5 Tonnes GVW have to undergo 35 hours of vocational training over a five year period, at the end of which they get a certificate of professional competence. Although this certificate is valid for five years it needs to be maintained on an ongoing basis (ideally attending 1 day per year). Anybody who drives a large goods vehicle, (LGV) or a passenger carrying vehicle, (PCV) must have this certificate which they must carry at all times.


Driver CPC Training Course Details

Module Description
Manual HandlingLifting and carrying are two of the most common sources of 'at work' injury. This module looks at the causes of these and shows how with a bit of thought or planning, injuries can be reduced or better still eliminated.
Customer CareHow we see and treat our customers will impact on how they see us. Will we get repeat business or drive it elsewhere. By applying basic principles we can improve our profile and our reputation. Businesses thrive or die on reputation.
Fuel Saving Tips and Ecomomic DrivingFuel, repairs and maintenance are the biggest outgoings in a transport operation. By following these tips, costs can be reduced across the board.
Emergency First AidSave a life, maybe your own. Some very basic knowledge can make all the difference between life and death.
Health and Safety in the Transport IndustryEmployers have a duty of care to their employees and others. Employees have a duty of care for themselves and others. Understand YOUR responsibilities.
Vehicle Walk-Round ChecksComplacency is not an option. Failure to carry out proper daily checks can result in vehicle down time, accidents, injury or worse. It may also result in prosecution of the company, and you, the driver.
Digital TachographsThe basics and a wee bit more. Understanding what we do and what we should do, but probably don't.
Drivers Hours, Records and Time RegulationsDrivers hours, record keeping and the Working Time Regulations. Can you comply with both at the same time without getting in a lather? We say you can.
Defensive DrivingIt's all about driving safely, which reduces accidents, driver stress and is sympathetic to the vehicle being driven.

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